About Us

What is in your vents?

A question we ask all the time…and one that you should ask to! When is the last time you looked inside the vents in your home? Don’t be surprised if you are scared by what you find! Don’t worry you aren’t alone in the battle, we are here to help!

Our Story

We developed this product line as a solution to problem that has existed for years. Being in the construction industry means that we had seen many of the best and worst things in the homes we worked in. One thing we could never figure out is why there isn’t a solution to clean the air in our homes, at the source, THE VENTS!  We developed Ventcenters’ first product, the Lesich Vent, as a solution to this problem. We were tired of sick kids and allergies just like every family, why can’t easy, clean air be a part of the solution? Ventcenters provides ease of use and piece of mind. It is the home air quality solution you never knew you needed but one that you will remember.

Meet the Team

We are Mom’s and construction professionals with years of experience and understand both the family need for clean air as well as the professional way to bring it to your home cost-effectively and easily!

Terry Lesich


I was raised mainly in Virginia. I enjoyed the outdoors and spent countless hours in nature. After high school I enlisted in the Navy and served my tour at CINCPACFLT in Pearl Harbor. I treasured my military service and was honored to be a member of such an elite group of people.

After my service I returned to civilian life and returned to banking. I started a family and finally landed in Los Angeles working as an Assistant Vice President at Bank of America in Operations. I loved what I did as an occupation but, I was a more of a country girl and needed space. Our family was growing so we picked Colorado. Moving to Colorado in 1992 was the smartest decision. I love the fresh air, outdoor activities and the sense of community and family that thrives here.

I spread my wings and decided to follow a longing to learn more about construction and ended up working for some very large home builders as a Superintendent and finally as a Sr. Superintendent building entire neighborhoods. I then worked for a custom home builder as a Project Manager. The one consistent problem with these beautiful homes was the HVAC systems that had not been updated since 1970. Homeowners are constantly complaining about dirt and the inefficiency of these systems, so I began to dig into the cause of so many problems. After my grandson became chronically ill with pneumonia, Ventcenters was born.

Susan Knappe


Susan was born and raised in a military family that took her on many adventures around the world. Living in several cultures has given her a well rounded education. Settling in California in her early adult life, she fell in love with the beach and fresh air.

Susan moved to Colorado in 1997 and began looking for a new career. After much experience she feel in love with Construction and the fields that support it. She has extensive experience from the accounting aspect to finalizing the build process for the homeowner. In her spare time, Susan enjoys gemology and geology. Her extensive knowledge in this area only complements her love for construction.

The mother of 6 and a grandmother of a growing family, she began to be concerned with IAQ when she entered the home care division and was quickly promoted to Superintendent of a major builder. Terry and Susan, being the only females on the team, formed a common bond in trying to help with the #1 complaint of homeowners, bad indoor air quality.

Susan joined Ventcenters in 2019 to help bring awareness and solutions to this urgent problem.